Boulder YIMBY vs NIMBY: finding common ground

There is some common ground between Boulder YIMBY and NIMBY: the dislike of vehicular congestion. The division arises from their principle areas of concern (highways vs streets) and what the optimal solution is (density vs exclusion).

Now that I live in the city limits, there is one more young-ish YIMBY who will be voting for smart re-zoning, inclusive housing policies which will increase density and enable more folks across the front range to live close to where they bike or walk to work.

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How Did Trump Get Elected?

November 8th, 2016—  a day that will live in infamy— when a dark campaign of xenophobia, racism and sexism lead to the election of Donald Trump: an unqualified con-artist demagogue, as the next President of the United States.

I fixated on this election for a great deal of time. When thoughtful people I relied on for insight were proven wrong one after another, my amusement gave way to concern. Satire stopped being funny. When the outcome became clear, my first reaction was to curl into the fetal position and weep at the thought of the damage this choice could lead to. Then came the rapid cycling through the phases of grief, with the only solace being that I’m not part of one of the unprivileged groups that our next president so viciously attacked during his campaign.

Trump’s message of change built a coalition of voters dissatisfied with the status quo: the economically insecure, the party loyalists, the evangelicals, the white nationalists. Some facet of his message was enthralling enough that Trump’s voters were willing to overlook or tolerate what so many of us perceived as disqualifying.

Like the victims of Trump University, these desperate Americans made a poor choice about who might lead them to a better future. Obama couldn’t help them flourish, why would they choose more of the same? Their plight was difficult for me to comprehend from inside my liberal elite bubble where I’ve been blinded by good fortune.

Democrats like me could have made a wiser strategic choice. I chose Hillary because I thought she would be a considerate leader who could moderate the partisan divide. I also thought she could beat Trump. But the people who determined this election were in no mood for levelheaded continuity.

I didn’t understand the resentment and animosity that people had towards Hillary and the establishment she represented. I didn’t understand the apathy and disaffection that so many have with the system. I didn’t foresee the confluence of ignorance, gullibility, hyper-partisanism, bad information security and nefarious foreign interloping.

This is the first of a four-part series of blogs. Next, I’ll write about what Trump could do, who let Trump happen, and how Trump can be resisted. These are difficult to write, I won’t have all the answers, but I hope that these words achieve more than my own personal catharsis.

[featured photo by Gage Skidmore]

Please Vote for Hillary Clinton


In 2003 we invaded a sovereign nation with the goal of keeping weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of a tyrant. Now we face a similar decision. Even if you disagree with everything she stands for, Hillary Clinton is the only viable and sane choice for president.

My Daughter’s futures are at stake. Will they grow up in a country that can accept men acting the way that Trump does? Will Trump become a role model for the boys that they will have to deal with as they mature? God forbid.

To conservatives republicans who intend to stay loyal to their party’s nominee. The reckoning that your party must have will only be made worse by electing this demagogue scoundral. Your once great party and the House of representatives they control will still be able to prevent Hillary from achieving any major legislation that you stand in opposition to.

To my evangelical Christian family members in the midwest who think that Trump might nominate Supreme Court justices that oppose abortion and LGBT equality. There is some chance that he will but, but it won’t be worth sacrificing the values of decency and kindness that you hold dear.

To my Libertarian, Green and Independent friends who plan to vote for Johnson, Stein or McMullin. These protest votes will narrow the margin of Clinton’s victory and could effect the outcome. Until there is ranked choice / instant runoff voting, these protest votes are insignificant compared to the threat that Trump poses to our nation and our species.

To my “friends” who are repeatedly calling for an armed uprising after the election doesn’t go your way: you will find that not all liberals are pacifists. If you knew the hell of war, you would not be wishing for it. Go spend some time in Syria and your craving for violence will be extinguished.

For the good of our nation, Trump and Trumpism must be crushed in a landslide. The wider the margin of victory, the less chance that any post-election violence will spiral out of control. Let’s not take any chances.

I don’t believe that Hillary is the lesser of two evils. I don’t believe She’s evil. She isn’t perfect, she will make mistakes, but I am pleading for you to give her your vote.

Anxiously yours, -Henry Koren


Equality Artifacts and Image Quality

In support of the right to marry the one you love, today the equals sign swept facebook, and a teachable moment about lossy image compression has come in its wake.   The first The image started as a perfect set of squares.  Here’s what the SFR of a perfect edge looks like:ogsfr I don’t have the original image, I had to recreate this in GIMP.   From the very first person that uploaded this, the image began to degrade. Continue reading Equality Artifacts and Image Quality

I Endorse Barack Obama

Taking a political stand isn’t something that is easy for me to do.  By writing this, I don’t intend to offend or alienate any of my friends, family, co-workers or customers who might support Mitt Romney. But I feel that this is something I have to say.  Although I don’t have the energy to cover issues of tax policy and health care, I’ll try to explain some of the other reasons why I’m supporting the re-election of Barack Obama. Continue reading I Endorse Barack Obama

Why Health Insurance Reform Must Happen: Express Scripts Conspiring With Anthem Health to Rip Off Patients

Updated 2016-4-16: Anthem has sued Express Scripts for 3 billion dollars. This post contains hard evidence of Express Scripts culpability.

Updated 2012-3-16: see below

The conventional wisdom, as well as recent studies, say that having health insurance makes the cost of your prescription drugs lower. Recently, I have found the exact opposite to be true. In fact, having health insurance has made my prescription drug cost go up to 84% more than what I would pay without a prescription.

This seems to be the result of something going on between my health insurance provider Anthem Health, and the company they employ to service their prescriptions: Express Scripts. These companies seem to like to point the finger at Wallgreens for proposing higher prices.

I think there is something more sinister going on:  a cabal of for-profit health care corporations who are colluding to fraudulently overcharge consumers for their prescription drugs. Continue reading Why Health Insurance Reform Must Happen: Express Scripts Conspiring With Anthem Health to Rip Off Patients

Homophobia And Marriage Inequality Must End

Inequality for the non-heterosexual must end.  I’ve been a beneficiary of having my straight relationship recognized by the government.  As some white people once stood for the rights of the oppressed blacks, now I feel it is my duty to stand for the rights of my fellow humans who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender to not be persecuted or shamed, and to have the same right to benefit from a government sponsored relationship that I have.  Equal protection under the law.

Here are some videos that have moved me in the last week to make this post…

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