Boulder Anti-Growth Hypocrisy Proliferates on Nextdoor

Here you can see some examples of people who hate density. In my opinion, they are very misguided and selfish.

Spending an extra 30+ minutes on the road to shop because of “traffic mess”. Completely lacking in self-awareness.

Because mountains are for viewing out your car window. *sigh*

Here’s the study: “Metropolitan density, energy efficiency and carbon emissions: Multi-attribute tradeoffs and their policy implications” of which the abstract states:

Increase in core area population density is correlated with modest gain in energy efficiency in the urban transport sector and modest decrease in its carbon emissions. Densification’s lagged effects related to travel rationalization and growth in transit receptivity may increase overall metro transport energy efficiency beyond the degree revealed here.

The study totally contradicts what the anti-growth poster said. When it comes to “travel rationalization” see the above people who would burn a gallon of gas to avoid paying a couple of bucks of tax on plastic bags and sugar water.

Stacey Goldfarb who has confused our little city with a “bioregion

We see this over and over, where people try to use nature as an excuse for their NIMBYism. As if pushing people away from you makes them cease to exist. Complete nonsense.

All of this nonsense inspired me to create #BoulderBlight, a project where I photographed the many areas of the city which could be transformed into housing for our commuters if not for the constant opposition of the anti-growth crowd.

There is hope. Sensible people of Boulder, please vote in this election!

(featured image by Bo Insogna)