Trumpism Must be Destroyed

When Trump came down the escalator and said that Mexicans were rapists and murderers, that should have been the end of his campaign. Trump is an incompetent racist misogynistic xenophobic liar and cheater. He has no ethics or morals and he has destroyed the respect the world once had for our nation.

It saddens me that my daughters knew that someone like him is our leader. While he is in office there can be no pride in our country. He has brought nothing but shame to our nation.

Trump’s policies have directly harmed my family. The Trump tax cut did very little to reduce our tax burden. I’m in the business of exporting software and equipment for testing cameras. China is one of my major customers. What Trump did to hurt my business by instigating a trade war with China did orders of magnitudes more damage than I got from the tax cut, My company has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales because of Trump’s Sinophobic aggressions. Important customers were driven to my foreign competition.

We are a nation of immigrants. My wife is an immigrant from Iran. Our Persian family in Iran have been harmed by his sanctions. My dream was to visit my grandmother in law in Iran with my kids so they can meet their great grandmother. His travel ban makes that impossible. Reneging on the Iran nuclear deal was a stupid move which makes the middle east a more violent place. The Persian people are wonderful, and harming them with sanctions accomplished nothing.

By the time the election comes, there will be over 230,000 who have died from COVID-19. So many lives could have been saved if we had a good leader. All it would have taken was listening to the science on masks. The dead cannot vote. Who will speak for them?

Climate change is real, the science must not be ignored. All lives don’t matter until black lives matter. Women’s rights are human rights; we must not allow victims of sexual assault to bear the product of their rape. The rights of LGBTQ+ people and their families must be defended. Nobody should be bankrupted by medical bills.

We cannot allow fascists who have desecrated our flag to continue their reign. It is time for the true American patriots to fly against the winds of voter intimidation and voter suppression to spectacularly and undeniably repudiate this ugly period of our history.

Photograph by Scott Olson/Getty Images

My battle against spinal stenosis

I’ve had back problems for the last decade. Sometimes I would wake up to horrible muscle spasms in my upper back. Doctors initially tried to addressed this with anti-inflammatories & muscle relaxers. They barely masked the symptoms and did nothing to address the root cause.

Moderate scoliosis (curvature of the spine) was suspected as the source of the problem. Physical therapy offered some relief, but the problems always seemed to come back a few months later.

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Some people are doing 30 days of thanks, but I’m doing this one post.

I’m thankful for science and math which have given me so many gifts, I am thankful for higher education, for my university, and for all those who advance reason and knowledge.

I’m thankful to have found a path where am able to dream big, to have lofty dreams and to work my ass off to achieve those dreams.

I’m thankful for the Chinese who are so great at helping to make amazing things with us, I’m happy to collaborate in working with them inside this global village.

I’m thankful for the freedom that I have to speak my mind without being censored.

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Overpriced Prescription Drugs: Completing The Circle Of Blame – @ExpressScripts @AnthemHealth

I still don’t fully understand why my insurance caused my prescription drug costs to go up 83%.

Today I talked with a representative from express scripts, the company that services drugs for Anthem Health Care.  The representative repeated ad infinitum that their pricing agreements with specific pharmacies were “proprietary information”, but seemed to state that that if the rates from the pharmacy were lower than the insurance company dictated rates, that I should end up paying the lesser of the two prices, not the greater.  That makes sense to me, but that isn’t what ended up happening. Continue reading Overpriced Prescription Drugs: Completing The Circle Of Blame – @ExpressScripts @AnthemHealth

Cyriak “Cobwebs” – for Arachnophobic Masochists

My favorite animator/musician Cyriak Harris’ latest vid…

“I made it because I hate spiders and wanted to torture myself.”

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