Muammar Gaddafi: Obituary

Today the world lost one of its enemies

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Hank Williams Jr.: You Don’t Know What An Enemy Is

Sadly this kind of rhetoric is not so uncommon from my fellow countrymen:

Williams remarks about how Senator Boehner’s golf match with President Obama was like Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This is politics at its ugliest: rattling the sabers for a second civil war.

I say on behalf of the veterans that fought in WWII.
I say on behalf of the Jews whose lives were snuffed out in the Nazi concentration camps.

Hank: You don’t know what a real enemy is.

Guest Blog: Hamiltonian vs. Madisonian Constitutional Interpretations Of General Welfare

My inquiry as to the meaning of “general welfare” in the constitution garnered a huge amount of discussion on both Google+ and Facebook. Among other insightful responses, the following post by Mila Jacob Stetser bears repeating:

The Constitution was written over two centuries ago and is an actively re-interpreted and occasionally amended document. The Supreme Court exists specifically to interpret the Constitution within the context of modern situations that are not always clearly covered or even conceived of under the original language of the document as written. Health insurance didn’t even exist for almost another 100 years after the Constitution was ratified, so it stands to reason that the ‘founding fathers’ had no concept of it at the time.
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RIP Jack Kevorkian – One Of My Heroes

Somebody who was willing to take a stand for what he believed in, to go to prison rather than allow his patients suffering to drag on.
Your sacrifice will not be forgotten Doctor.   His art is amazing too… Continue reading RIP Jack Kevorkian – One Of My Heroes

Jon Stewart Interviewed By Bill O’Reilly – May 16th 2011

This four part interview is awesome.  Thanks Fox News!

Part One

Part Two

after break… Continue reading Jon Stewart Interviewed By Bill O’Reilly – May 16th 2011

Book Of Mormon

I love the work of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park.  I was dying to experience their latest Broadway musical: “The Book of Mormon”, but couldn’t make it to Broadway.

The soundtrack which has been released is nearly, almost, not quite as good as going to a live show, but still supremely enjoyable.  The recording engineering is impeccable, you can pinpoint each singer on the stage with what seems like 3D stereo sound.

I think that all religions should be poked fun of in similar ways, Matt & Trey are fortunate that Mormons are not inclined to execute those who defame their faith.

Listen to the ENTIRE soundtrack for FREE at

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