Symphony of Pseudoscience


I just want to start by asking the CDC one question, how stupid do you think we are?
Is the world flat? I’ve never though about it.
When it comes to healing, does science really have any idea of the role that the spirit plays?
We posed that question to our expert on such matters, Doctor Deepak Chopra.
In scientific terms the spirit is the potential in you that gives rise to bot the observer and the observed, and the whole process of observation. So you know spirit is what I’m observing, spirit is the observer that is doing the observing. So in other words, spirit is everything.
Get in the fuckin’ sack.
Guess what the definition of disease is? It’s not man’s. We have transformed our energy state into something different. That’s what the definition of disease is. How homeopathy works is that whatever your disease process is, it’s an energetic change, and if I can find the remedy that matches your energy state, and give it to you when we so choose, what can we do with your energy system? Transform it to a previous better state, and that’s how it works.
It’s water! How often does it need to be said.
It’s so miraculous, it’s so exciting!
Get in the fuckin’ sack.
The human body basically has over 100 chakras, so what your doing is your working with all different points, your hugging your hands your hugging your elbows, hugging your knees, your feet, hugging a lot of things.
None of my evangelical atheist brethren have any evidence that there is no god, that could oppose the evidence that there is.
Get in the fuckin’ sack.
If you’re choosing a crystal to work with in meditation or prayer, or choosing a healing work, in general you’d like to get one that is the same size as your hand, so it may be fairly small like this, and that fits comfortably, and I can just wrap my hand entirely around it, or you might choose a longer crystal that again is comfortable to hold with the point sticking out. Some people will actually place their fingers along the point so they’re directing their energy along with the crystal’s energy.
It’s so miraculous, it’s so exciting!
Get in the fuckin’ sack.
This is what evolutionists have been searching for for hundreds of years.
Allright and if you find one of these you could become rich and famous, so here are some transitional forms, this is called the crocoduck, a crocodile and a duck. All right lets try another one, this one is called the bullfrog. Half bull, half frog or of course the sheepdog.
Science leads you to killing people.