Horrible Customer Service From Wells Fargo

It all started with my Wife writing me a check from her personal account to our fairly recently established joint bank account at Wells Fargo. I was informed that a hold would be placed on the check.

We are delaying the availability of
the funds you have deposited because
our risk models indicate that the
following check(s) may be returned

Soon after, my debit card stopped working. I wondered why, so I logged on to my account to check the balance. According to my online banking history, my account had plenty of money, and nothing seemed to be awry. I shrugged it off but did not call them. ¬†Last night, my wife and I received one letter each from Wells Fargo that said that due to a “modified check” being deposited, that all of our accounts with the bank would be closed. Continue reading Horrible Customer Service From Wells Fargo

I Must Not Allow Overstimulation To Steal My Focus

Although I’ve been successful in putting the kibosh on stacks of paper piling up on my desk, my mind remains cluttered at times. I am afraid that my obsession with multitasking has affected me. I want to know what’s going on; I try to stay informed of what’s happening in the world. I try to understand complex things outside the realm of what I’m supposed to be good at. Why am I trying to wrap my head around the functioning of an economy, the state of an overseas conflict, or quantum physics when I have overdue projects that should receive my undivided focus? Continue reading I Must Not Allow Overstimulation To Steal My Focus