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Book Of Mormon

I love the work of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park.  I was dying to experience their latest Broadway musical: “The Book of Mormon”, but couldn’t make it to Broadway.

The soundtrack which has been released is nearly, almost, not quite as good as going to a live show, but still supremely enjoyable.  The recording engineering is impeccable, you can pinpoint each singer on the stage with what seems like 3D stereo sound.

I think that all religions should be poked fun of in similar ways, Matt & Trey are fortunate that Mormons are not inclined to execute those who defame their faith.

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What soluitions to Illegal Immigration?

This is to the opponents of Illegal Immigration; to those who complain about the burden they place on the United States. To anybody who advocates anything other than a clear path to citizenship for the 12 million illegal immigrants and their families living here.   I’m going to list various ‘solutions’ which I consider unacceptable.  Just let me know which ones you disagree with:

a) dramatically expanding law enforcement of the prison industrial complex to accommodate roundup and detention of all illegal immigrants.

b) Mass deportation of all illegal immigrants.

c) Revoking citizenships of illegal immigrant children so they can be deported too .

d) Take the citizen children as wards of the state and put them in foster care.

e) Create camps for the citizen children who don’t fit in the state foster care program.

f) Termination of all social welfare programs for Hispanics & others.

g) Forced-sterilization of welfare recipients and other poverty stricken segments of the population.

h) Make it a crime for any citizen to have contact with an illegal immigrant, or for any sort of business transaction to be performed with an illegal: whether its picking up day a day laborer, a doctor providing medical care, a land owner renting or leasing property, or a grocery or restaurant providing food… No papers == La migra.

i) Let them become citizens if they pass some sort of intelligence / desirability test, otherwise deport.

j) Build a giant, impenetrable wall between us and Mexico and the US, that puts Berlin, Israel, Korea, and China to shame.

k) Deploy a vast sensor network and military forces to occupy the border.

How far do you want to go?   How much money do you want to spend ‘fixing’ this ‘problem’?