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A Desirable Use Case: Postless Blogs For Retainable Microblogging

The problem is that Twitter doesn’t retain more than 2500 of your last tweets. This that old information un-indexable by search engines, un-searchable by Twitter’s own search engine, and essentially irretrievable unless somebody retained a link or has archived the tweet. In the case where you might want to say something that is more persistent, a new method is necessary.

The second problem is that Blogs such as WordPress have post pages that usually contain some sort of information about the site being referenced. Posting a Blog that is simply a link to another site is pretty bland without some sort of summary or excerpt from the hyperlink being pointed to. I really don’t want to make my reader load that extra page, or force them to read some lame summary when I’m just trying to share a link I already summarized in the title. Continue reading A Desirable Use Case: Postless Blogs For Retainable Microblogging

My Favorite WordPress Plugins

WordPress has to be one of the worlds best open source projects.  It’s incredibly powerful and it makes the delivery of content onto the web as easy as possible.

Extending WordPress with Plugins makes it dramatically more powerful.  Here are some of my favorites… Continue reading My Favorite WordPress Plugins