What Kind Of Terrifying Spider Is This?

I have arachnophobia, and was not happy when this horrific man-eater (?) was crawling around my home office desk, waiting, and likely plotting to sink its vicious fangs into me sealing my doom.

I could hear it clinking as it tries to escape its glass prison.  It is now happily munching on the fly I electrocuted for it.  I really don’t care for flys either. Maybe the spider and I are friends now.  Please don’t kill me uberspider!


After a chilling review of many different spider species, I think I can rule out Brown Recluse because his legs were way too hairy.

I am fairly certain that this was a Male Hobo Spider:



Many types of funnel-web spiders live around our houses. They wait at the back of the funnel for prey to become entangled in the web and then run out and finish of their prey. One funnel web spider, the aggressive house spider, is poisonous and has a bite like that of the brown recluse spider. They are commonly encountered in homes from mid-August until November.

(image source)

Although, the one I found seems to have stripes on its legs which may mean it’s not a Hobo… Maybe some sort of Funnel Web spider?

Here is an excellent resource on Colorado spiders:  Spiders in the Home (from Colorado State University)