Android vs. iOS Discussion w/ @Sterner @NeilRobertson @funnylookinhat

Some good discussion of iOS vs android going on Twitter today.

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OK maybe it was a little unfair comparing Steve Jobs with Mumar Gaddafi.

Moving this to the blog because discussing things on twitter sucks. Perhaps this discussion will continue below.

  • I like how you presented it here! Good discussion though ’cause at the end of the day it’s not iPhone vs. Android… it’s Apple vs. Google. Two products a lot of people use together… or at least try to.

    • Thanks, Couldn’t have done it without the Blackberry pie plugin for WordPress:

      I enjoy being on both sides of this discussion by having both kinds of devices, although my heart will always lie with what is closest to open source. I think that anybody who is strictly aligned with one of the sides might suffer from some myopia.

  • I don’t think it’s really fair to compare the sales individual devices. There are far fewer kinds of iOS devices available. I’d agree that the iPhone 4 is the ‘king’ of phones. but as a phone platform (not Tablets, yet) iOS has been eclipsed by Android. The heterogeneous device ecosystem and openness has a lot to do with enabling android’s rise. A lot of Android users are new to smartphones, and not the same types as the iOS users that buy lots of apps, but a significant component of the growth of android are disgruntled iPhone users that are sick of the restrictions, and sick of being overcharged for under performing network services just so they can have ‘the king of phones’.

    • All good points. AT&T’s terrible service for iPhone has driven many away but I think Androids rise has less to do about it’s platform (which is good) and AT&T and more to do with its availability on numerous devices. Most Android users don’t even take advantage of its platform and you see this in the app download numbers. With that being said, I will never say anything that isn’t open will be better in the long run but right now I think iOS is. Android will continue to evolve and get better though and I think that unless Apple opens up, it will be beat simply ’cause it can’t keep up. In fact, every new iOS version gets less and less wow and already raises questions like “but why can’t it do this like Android can?” Actually, now that I think about it… that was being said from day one when the first iPhone didn’t get copy + paste ’til over a year after it was released. And who can forget the lack of ability to text images? HAHA!

      • I also know Android wasn’t around then so even less capable platforms were doing things that iOS couldn’t.

        • Anonymous

          The moral of the story is that a good experience trumps having a capability.

          Before I made the jump to Android, (which took me a while), I was a Windows Mobile 6.1 user, which was a “dead platform walking”. I had an open platform (but no app store), copy and paste, flash (skyfire), multitasking, wifi hotspot (, but the interface was complete and utter garbage, so none of what it was capable of mattered to much in the end.

          In my view, Android has the edge over iOS when it comes to notifications, speech to text, turn by turn navigation, launcher widgets, and overridable intents for inter-app communication. Not as many apps, but way more possibilities. A lot of these things you can manage to live without, but once you become accustomed to them they become difficult to let go of in exchange for what iOS offers: Superior hardware design, battery, screen, and a better quality and quantity of apps.

          I doubt Apple will be complacent with what their advantages are. I’m sure iOS 5 which will address many of these inadequacies, just as the open handset alliance will be striving to produce hardware of the caliber of Apple’s.