Encounter recalled

Time to walk the dogs tonight, Like a bullet from a gun Tess the unleashed beagle shot out the door and ran out into the wild. Not far behind was Ruffles my Roomate’s Cocker Spaniel, and Lupin my Neighbor’s Husky/Wolf.

Tess ran up the hill to her prime hunting grounds, a network of critter-tunnels who she has been mapping and excavating.  I thought that Lupin decided to turn around and go back home.   Tess, Ruffles and I went up the mountain, which I was recently appointed mayor of on foursquare after proposing to my fiance.

Tess & Ruff:

We came around the red rocks, a beautiful rock formation that has overlooks Boulder’s Pearl street.   Boulder and Tess and Ruffles started acting erratic.  Something was causing them to alert.   It was a pack of four deer.   We’ve seen them before in this exact same spot.    Just like before, the four deer managed to end up getting squeezed between me and the cliff walls.

Red Rocks, Location of encounter


The Last time we were in this position Tess and Ruffles charged barking at the deer; the three does retreated but the big buck stood his ground.  The dogs did not listen to me and came within coming within ten feet of the buck when he lunged towards us aggressively before circling around.  This was enough to make the dogs do a 180 degree turn and flee for safety.

This time with the knowledge that the deer are willing to defend themselves,  Tess and Ruff were nowhere near as aggressive towards the deer and I managed to get them to walk away.  I thought the encounter had ended peacefully when all of the sudden I heard a rhythmic thumping sound.   All four deer were stampeding in my general direction.

A pack of 4 deer (not the same pack):

The moment of battle with wildlife which I had been anticipating ever since moving here was upon me.   My adrenaline dumped, I quickly drew my from its sheath, and was ready to fight, kill, or die.  At a full speed gallop the four deer charged across the path which we had just gone down moments before.  But they did not attack, instead they ran down the gully and left us in their dust.

Heart pumping and axe still in my hand, I heard another animal approach through the darkness.    It was Lupin the Wolf, who must have been tracking us all along.  The deer might have stood their ground with me and my dogs, but they wanted nothing to do with Lupin.

There were 8 beasts on the mountain tonight, and only one of them was human.   Triumphant, the dogs and I ran down the hill towards home.


Lupin after butchering something (we think a deer killed on the road)… I’m glad I’m on this Dog’s side!

Stay tuned for more adventures…