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Mountain Lion and Bear Sightings (with Bear pics)

So last night, for my 51st week anniversary as a Coloradan, my dogs and I saw our first mountain lion, something I had always expected could be around the next corner.  I was on my way back from a hike and I saw a set of eyes next to the trail.  The eyes didn’t behave like those of a deer, fox, or skunk, they didn’t glare my light directly for an extended period of time, instead looked away to save getting blinded by the light.

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How To Be More Productive With Google Mail

Here are some tips to hopefully improve the efficiency of peoples use of e-mail. If you take the time to go through this, I promise that it will substantially improve the quality of your life, at least with respect to e-mail.

Labels are tags that can be assigned to messages.  These replace what was known as “folders” inside Microsoft outlook and many other mail clients.  The difference with Labels is that one can assign any number of labels to a particular message. Continue reading How To Be More Productive With Google Mail

Went on a crazy Fox hunt and took some evening pics with tripod

Tess saw a Fox, flipped out and took me on a mad dash up the mountain.  The fox she was chasing was joined by a second fox, both of whom would only run far enough away from Tess to stop and look back.  They were playing with her.

Took some shots with a tripod for the first time.  I’ve always wanted to do some evening shots, but haven’t yet lugged a tripod until tonight.  Made the fox hunting more difficult.
And a nice shot of the city:
Click here to download: Foxhunt 2010-6-14.kmz

Finally I have the God phone: the Sprint HTC EVO 4G

It has been a long time in coming, but the first Android device I will keep is in my hands.  It was November 2007 when I first heard about, and became excited about the prospects of Android.  Despite my investment in learning how to program Android while competing in the first Android Developers Challenge,  it has taken me this long to actually end up with one that I wanted to actually have.

In October 2008, I briefly had a T-mobile G1, and I would have gotten a Nexus one but I found T-mobiles network to be unusable compared to Sprint.  I was not willing to go from the capability of streaming audio and video indoors over Edge, to having to go outdoors or frantically try to find some point which was exposed to enough of the very weak signal.  The prospect of paying $1800 over the next 2 years for T-mobile’s impotent network made me cringe. So I sent it back.