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Mountain Lion and Bear Sightings (with Bear pics)

So last night, for my 51st week anniversary as a Coloradan, my dogs and I saw our first mountain lion, something I had always expected could be around the next corner.  I was on my way back from a hike and I saw a set of eyes next to the trail.  The eyes didn’t behave like those of a deer, fox, or skunk, they didn’t glare my light directly for an extended period of time, instead looked away to save getting blinded by the light.

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Went on a crazy Fox hunt and took some evening pics with tripod

Tess saw a Fox, flipped out and took me on a mad dash up the mountain.  The fox she was chasing was joined by a second fox, both of whom would only run far enough away from Tess to stop and look back.  They were playing with her.

Took some shots with a tripod for the first time.  I’ve always wanted to do some evening shots, but haven’t yet lugged a tripod until tonight.  Made the fox hunting more difficult.
And a nice shot of the city:
Click here to download: Foxhunt 2010-6-14.kmz

Encounter recalled

Time to walk the dogs tonight, Like a bullet from a gun Tess the unleashed beagle shot out the door and ran out into the wild. Not far behind was Ruffles my Roomate’s Cocker Spaniel, and Lupin my Neighbor’s Husky/Wolf.

Tess ran up the hill to her prime hunting grounds, a network of critter-tunnels who she has been mapping and excavating.  I thought that Lupin decided to turn around and go back home.   Tess, Ruffles and I went up the mountain, which I was recently appointed mayor of on foursquare after proposing to my fiance.
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