My Supplement Regimen

Compared to your average person, I take an inordinate number of supplements: around two dozen pills a day. I’m not trying to extend my longevity. My main goal is the cognitive enhancement of my brain: to give my most valuable organ an abundance of the components that it needs to manufacture all the neurotransmitters that it needs to work its best. My stack of nootropics is quite modest compared to that of Ray Kurzweil who takes over 100 pills a day.

Many of these supplements may have no benefit, but some of them might be beneficial. I can only hope that none of them are harmful.  I started taking a smaller version of this regimen over 5 years ago. While I’ve always been interested in exploring and expanding my cognition and consciousness, the book: “The Edge Effect” was the material that most directly influenced me to begin this habit. Watching my Grandfather die a horrible death of Alzheimer’s disease was another major motivating factor.

I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. I’ll give a brief synopsis of why I’m motivated to take each supplement, but I won’t do a full analysis of the potential benefits and risks. I’m just sharing my routine.

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