About KMZ.me

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What is KMZ.me?

a service for generating short links to a location that can be viewed in a browser or downloaded as a KMZ file.

About KMZ & KML files

What are KMZ files?

a Keyhole Markup Language along with other accompanying attachments packaged in a ZIP compressed archive

What KMZ viewer / editor tools are out there?

What is the history of KMZ & KML?

Keyhole Inc was acquired by Google in 2004

In 2008, KML standards began to be [maintained by OGC: the Open Geospatial Consortium](http://www.opengeospatial.org/pressroom/pressreleases/857

What is the future of KML?

KML 2.3 is under development by the OGC Standards Working Group

What other links about KML are there?