Finally I have the God phone: the Sprint HTC EVO 4G

It has been a long time in coming, but the first Android device I will keep is in my hands.  It was November 2007 when I first heard about, and became excited about the prospects of Android.  Despite my investment in learning how to program Android while competing in the first Android Developers Challenge,  it has taken me this long to actually end up with one that I wanted to actually have.

In October 2008, I briefly had a T-mobile G1, and I would have gotten a Nexus one but I found T-mobiles network to be unusable compared to Sprint.  I was not willing to go from the capability of streaming audio and video indoors over Edge, to having to go outdoors or frantically try to find some point which was exposed to enough of the very weak signal.  The prospect of paying $1800 over the next 2 years for T-mobile’s impotent network made me cringe. So I sent it back.

Wireless tree-mounted solar powered remotely operated camera

Here is a computing hobby project I am considering putting together.  The objective is to clamp the device to the top of a tree somewhere with good exposure to sunlight, and to establish a line of sight network connection to the device to view and/or control its camera.  Think of it as a mini ground-mounted spy satellite. Continue reading Wireless tree-mounted solar powered remotely operated camera

Flash sites: You’ve been beaten by the anticompetitive stick

I’m no fan of Apple’s exclusion of Flash content from the iPhone OS.   But I acknowledge and accept that it exists, and that Apple customers represent an important and growing market share.  There are some valid technical merits to the exclusion of Flash.    You do use up more CPU power to play a video that is being resized from one resolution to another.  The video controls of most flash video players are designed with mice in mind, not fingertips.

At the same time I’m amazed by the entirely broken state of the internet at this moment when using an Apple iPhone OS device:
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