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Death on the perimeter: to catch a predator

The dangers that lurk in Frontier have struck too close to home.  Yesterday I discovered a partially devoured deer carcase not much more than 300 feet outside of my front door.



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Encounter recalled

Time to walk the dogs tonight, Like a bullet from a gun Tess the unleashed beagle shot out the door and ran out into the wild. Not far behind was Ruffles my Roomate’s Cocker Spaniel, and Lupin my Neighbor’s Husky/Wolf.

Tess ran up the hill to her prime hunting grounds, a network of critter-tunnels who she has been mapping and excavating.  I thought that Lupin decided to turn around and go back home.   Tess, Ruffles and I went up the mountain, which I was recently appointed mayor of on foursquare after proposing to my fiance.
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