Screenshot Of Android Music Widgets & Things One Can’t Do On iOS

I love Android because of the possibilities it offers.  Screenshot from my HTC EVO:

Description after break…

  • Galaxy Live Wallpaper (No live wallpaper on iOS)
  • Wifi Analyzer  (banned from app store)
  • Moon Phase Widget (No widgets on iOS)
  • Amazon Appstore (No 3rd party app stores on iOS)
  • FM Radio (no iOS devices have this hardware)
  • XIIALive Streaming Radio Widget (No widgets on iOS)
  • Google Cloud-Stored Music Beta Widget (No widgets on iOS / Unavailable)
  • Amazon Cloud Player Widget (No widgets on iOS / Unavailable)
  • Custom Phone / App Drawer / Browser icons, part of Myns Warm 2.2 (No custom ROMs/Themes on iOS)